Bernard Brasil Fresco 10g

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Brasil Fresco Schmalzler Snuff by Bernard.

Brasil Fresco Schmalzler Snuff is a dark, coarse, and moist schmalzler; with a full bodied heady flavour that will keep you coming back for more!

Like the other schmalzlers, Brasil Fresco is a fermented snuff with added fruit syrups, spices and sugars - it has a almost liquor like scent, almost alcoholic.

Flavours that can be detected by some include maples, sweet, spice, chocolate, dates, raisins.

Brasil Feinst comes in 10g plastic cartons, it displays the world famous Schmalzlerfranzl image on the front of the carton, which is widely associated with Bernards snuff through-out the world. 

The carton has a dosing hole on the side that is operated by sliding, to reveal the snuff. The schmalzler is then tapped onto the back of the hand and taken to the nostril or pinched.

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