Frequently Asked Questions

What is Snuff Store's postal address?

Our postal address is;
Odens UK,
11 Hope Street,
Douglas, Isle of Man,
+44 33 00 577 433 Tel: +44 (0)3300 577 433
Our VAT Reg No for UK/EU: GB992544875

My Snuff Store order status is; processing, processed, shipped. What does this mean?

Processing means your credit card has yet to be charged; or you've chosen to pay via a method other than by card and we're awaiting receipt of your payment; or there has been a problem with your card payment and the site has saved your order so alternative payment methods can be discussed - Contact us using the contact page below right.
Processed means your payment has been authorised and is awaiting packing.
Shipped means your item has been picked up by the Royal Mail and is on it's way to you.

How long will it be until I receive my snuff delivery?

We dispatch orders on a daily basis Monday to Friday. We use the Royal Mail as our default postal delivery operator for both UK and international deliveries. Please allow one working day from date of your order for dispatch from our store into the postal system. The Royal Mail then takes over and we leave them to do what they do best!
Generally after this, for the UK; recorded deliveries take 3 - 5 working days, special delivery takes 1 - 2 working days.
For Europe and International deliveries postage time can take a little longer. We post airmail and the Royal Mail states that they attempt to get the delivery with the 'host' country within 5 working days. The host country then takes over the delivery of the item. Please be aware that sometimes (if outside of the EU) items can be delayed at customs.
However like all online stores, once the item is in the postal system, we have to abide with their rules for making enquiries into whether something is 'lost' in the unlikely event of a order not arriving.
Please therefore allow 28 working days for delivery. If the item is not with you within 28 working days, we will refund / replace the item for you and claim for the item on our postal insurance. In order for us to refund / replace, please bear in mind that you may have to sign a short declaration of non delivery. Please note, the Royal Mail does not count weekends or public holidays as working days, nor do they count the day of posting. We're not trying to be difficult when we say this, but they will not deal with our enquiry on your behalf until this time period has elapsed.

What are my postage delivery options?

We post recorded delivery and special delivery in the UK. Airmail and airmail 'international signed for' outside of the UK. We're willing to discuss alternatives if you wish, but will obviously need to arrange payment for this outside of the normal Snuff Store payment processor. Postage & packing is worked out automatically by the site. It is based on prices published on the main Royal Mail website - be it for internal UK delivery or international delivery. Please be aware that on sending parcels that the postage cost is 'stepped'. It may cost as much to send one item as it does six for example, if your order weight doesn't cross the next payment step threshold set by the Royal Mail.

How much does it cost to post to ....?

The site will 'cleverly' work out the postage and packing costs for your order as you add items to your shopping cart. This is based on your address and country of residence. The price for postage and packing will be clearly displayed prior to asking you for a payment method. As per the postage delivery options answer as above, please be aware that the postage cost is based on those published by the Royal Mail, it therefore may be just as cheap to order several items as it is to order one item. We don't offer 'free' postage, in life, nothing is free - you'll pay for it on the price of the snuff. So we offer fair prices on snuff and fair prices on postage and packing. We also allow you to choose the method of posting if you wish, just contact us before ordering to discuss your requirements - with Snuff Store, 'one size doesn't fit all' and each customer will be dealt with according to their requirements.

I need my order quickly / special delivery / international signed for.

No problem, please use our contact us page to arrange this.

Where do you ship to?

We have snuff customers all around the world. If you can use one of our payment processors and the Royal Mail lists your country, we can ship to you.

Which address will my order be sent to?

By default it will be sent to the address you register on site when creating your account. You can change this during the order process. Or contact us ASAP after ordering to check. Changes cannot be rectified after the item has been posted.

Can I have my order shipped to a different address?

Yes, during the order process and prior to payment you can change the 'delivery' address.

The order is a present, can you leave the invoice out?

Yes no problem, please contact us to arrange this.

Do you use 'branded' packaging when posting orders?

We post in brown jiffy bags or plain brown paper / gray plastic post bags. If your order is outside of the UK / EU, we are required to place a customs declaration sticker on the package and declare what your order contains. Our return address on the outside of the envelope is printed without reference to Snuff Store.

My order was damaged or faulty and I want to return it.

Unfortunately items do occasionally get damaged in the post are sometimes faulty although they appear in good working order and have been sold in good faith. Don't worry though, contact us and we'll sort out a replacement / refund for you.

Why is the price on Snuff Store in Great British Pounds?

We are based in the UK and our default trading currency is British Pounds (GBP). We welcome and accept customers from around the world but can only accept payment in GBP. Your bank or card company will make the necessary currency conversions for you automatically into your home country currency. If you want a current exchange rate, please use Google or Yahoo.

What is snuff tobacco?

Snuff is a type of smokeless tobacco. Snuff traditionally means dry powdered British or European nasal snuff, which is inhaled or "snuffed" through the nose. In a general dictionary sense, the term snuff means any powdered preparation meant to be inhaled through the nose. Most commonly, though, snuff refers to a tobacco product. The process of preparing snuff has changed little over the centuries.

Is snuff legal in my country?

Snuff Store has the pleasure of serving snuff customers all over the world, as long as you can use one of our order processing methods and have a postal service we can send snuff to you. Of course you will have to ascertain the legalities for yourself, but we have never heard of customer's experiencing problems with legal issues surrounding snuff tobacco purchases.

Is snuff harmful?

Snuff is a powdered tobacco product. It is not smoked, it is inhaled / snuffed into the nostrils. Of course, with all tobacco products, the best advice would be not to start if you don't already use snuff and to try and quit if you do. However and according to leading medical journals, snuff is a less harmful method of tobacco usage and may be a viable alternative for cigarette smokers to switch to. For more information, please research the topic yourself.

How do you take snuff?

We get asked this question a lot - in truth the answer is as varied as there are snuff takers. For a few different methods of snuff taking see how to take snuff.

I've forgotten my password.

No problem, you can get the Snuff Store to reset and send you a new password. Just use the link on the log-in page.

Do you have a shop that I can visit?

No we are totally online and we do not have a a 'physical' shop that you can visit.

Do you take telephone orders?

Although we're more than happy to speak to you on the telephone, we cannot take orders via the phone. We do not have a 'virtual payment terminal' and so require all orders to be either made online using the payment processor; or via cheque, postal order, bank transfer or international bank transfer.

Do you accept cheque / postal orders / bankers drafts / bank transfers?

Yes as an alternative we can accept all of the above as means of payment. Please contact us for more.

Do you accept PayPal?

No PayPal do not allow their payment processor to be used for tobacco sales and so we cannot accept this method of payment.

What hours are you available to answer my emails / deal with enquiries?

We are available Monday to Friday 0900 - 1800 hrs GMT. Please bear in mind that we are in the UK, so may operate on different 'waking hours' to you!

Your credit card processor won't accept my payment.

Please note that when you make a payment with your Credit or Debit Card you are using our Secure Check out Function.
EU Customers can use a bank transfer.
Over the phone by calling this number +44 (0)33 00 577 433. All orders are processed in GBP. The euro and USD prices are estimates only since credit card companies and banks may have extra charges and we cannot control the prevailing exchange rate. We apologize for the inconvenience.

What will my card statement show when ordering from Snuff Store?

Your card statement will read; Secure SnuffBoxes.

What is a Low Order Fee?

We have to pay a handling fee regardless of the size of your order. This is calculated on a per shipment and a per item basis. As a result if your order is small we have to charge a small fee to offset this cost other wise we would lose money and go out of business. All you have to do is spend £20 or more on products and this fee will disappear.

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