Area 51 Survival Kit Bundle

Area 51 Survival Kit Bundle

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Area 51 Survival Kit Bundle

You and a team of scientists are called to investigate an alien body. You have managed to infiltrate Area 51 with suspicions about the possible creation of a military prototype.
What you are about to discover is beyond your imagination. This mission is top secret and you don't know when you'll be back. You need a survival kit. Something that will keep you alert and attentive. Do not forget this kit. It could be your doom.
This product contains the following items:
Toque Natural Snuff 10g1 x  (TOQ056) Toque Natural Snuff 10g £2.03
Toque Champagne Snuff 10g1 x  (TOQ019) Toque Champagne Snuff 10g £2.03
Wilsons Dynamite 5g1 x  (WILS388) Wilsons Dynamite 5g £1.28
Glass Bullet Red (5ml)1 x  (2PC008) Glass Bullet Red (5ml) £2.90
Wilsons Spear 10g1 x  (WILS480) Wilsons Spear 10g £2.05
Taxi Red Extra Strong 15g1 x  (SMT003) Taxi Red Extra Strong 15g £1.99
McChrystal's Glacier Minor1 x  (MCC056) McChrystal's Glacier Minor £0.94

Cost of separate parts: £13.22

You save £2.23