Bernard Aecht Alt Schmalzler 10g

Bernard Aecht Alt Schmalzler 10g
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Aecht Old-Bavarian Schmalzler Snuff by Bernard.

Aecht Old Bavarian snuff is a truly elegant snuff with a wonderful aroma. Coarse, dark and slightly moist this snuff is a 'must' try for those new to schmalzers and a firm favourite of those who've already succumbed to it's 'heady' aromas.

It's difficult to describe the aroma of Aecht Old Bavarian. Slightly spicey, sweet, maple syrup, with a almost alcoholic under tone. It would be possible to over endulge on Aecht Old Bavarian snuff because it is so 'more-ish'!

For those unaware of the process of creating traditional schmalzler an information page will be available shortly, however schmalzler generally is fermented snuff with syrups and other flavourings which has been left to mature for anything up to 3 months.

Try Aecht Old Bavarian Schmalzer today.