Bernard Amostrinha 10g

Bernard Amostrinha 10g
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Amostrinha Snuff by Bernard

Amostrinha is a fine and mild menthol tobacco snuff. It has a slightly 'smokey' aroma and the menthol isn't over powering. I can see that Amostrinha snuff may well become some snuff takers 'every day' snuff.

Slightly moist, Amostrinha retains it's shape when pinched hard. It has a 'oily' quality to it, that many may recognise.

On first snuffing is has a 'fruity' scent that reminds us somewhat of the excellent and old favourite of many; Packards Club - which is unfortunately currently unavailable in the UK.

The menthol in Amostrinha then comes on and stays in the nose. The menthol isn't over powering and one can still detect the other more complex scents.

Amostrinha seems to finish on a 'peppery' note, that leaves a nice 'tickle' in the nose and definitely makes one reach for more!

Amostrinha comes in 10g plastic cartons. There's a dosing hole on the side of the carton that slides to reveal the snuff. The snuff can then be tapped out onto the back of the hand and taken directly to the nose or pinched.