Brutal Snuff Bundle

Brutal Snuff Bundle

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Every once in a while you may want to literally blow you head off. More accurately, burn you nose off your face. Well my friends, this is for you. This bundle is not for the faint of heart. The exquisite pressure control required to deposit this powerful powder on your sinuses is not trivial. So beware, you've been warned.

This product contains the following items:
6 Photo LA Golden Natural 35g1 x  (6PH028) 6 Photo LA Golden Natural 35g £1.88
White Elephant 35g1 x  (41PH001) White Elephant 35g £6.29
Dholakia African 25g1 x  (DHO103) Dholakia African 25g £3.34
Dholakia White 25g1 x  (DHO064) Dholakia White 25g £3.34
NTSU Black 14g1 x  (NTS001) NTSU Black 14g £1.79
Wilsons Dynamite 25g1 x  (WILS390) Wilsons Dynamite 25g £3.70

Cost of separate parts: £20.34

You save £3.35