Fribourg & Treyer Old Paris 20g

Fribourg & Treyer Old Paris 20g
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Old Paris Snuff by Fribourg & Treyer is blended using Zimbabwe Flue Cured Stem, Dark Fired & Sun Cured Leaf tobacco.

Old Paris Snuff is flavoured with Arrack - Fermented and Distilled Dates, and reminds us of a date alcoholic 'tipple' we very much enjoyed whilst on holiday in Turkey a few years ago.

Historic descriptions of Old Paris snuff state that it is a triumph of the blender’s art! Approved by Beau Brummell, whose opinion on snuff fixed the criterion
of his day.

This blend has the strange wine-like quality of maturing in storage and is one of the few mixtures containing Cuban tobacco.

This rich, full-blooded snuff, dark in colour and coarse in texture, is ideal for the moderate user who enjoys an occasional satisfying pinch.

Try Old Paris Snuff  by Fribourg & Treyer today.