NTSU Black 14g

NTSU Black 14g
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This is probably the coarsest snuff I have ever tried, and possibly also the strongest. I'm sure there must be at least some n. rustica in the mix! Coarse, dark, moist and plain, and as such it is truly excellent. On first opening the practical plastic tub (perfect for re-use of course) I was struck by a powerful blast of ammonia, indicating super-freshness. Having tipped out the snuff and spread it out on a sheet of paper to air for a few hours, the ammonia dissipated allowing enjoyment of the snuff itself. The flavour is relatively complex for a plain snuff. It's earthy and leathery with more than a hint of the farmyard. Not dissimilar to some of the Bernard snuffs (thinking of Gekachelte Virginie here) and quite similar to Taxi, both Red and Blue, but I reckon the ntsu is stronger than either. It does take a fair old sniff to get it to stay in the nose, but that is no hardship and I can understand why some users choose to dry and grind it more finely. Me, I'm enjoying it very much as it is.
Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: ermtony