NTSU Green 15g

NTSU Green 15g

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Judging by the other reviews, this is a love it or hate it snuff. I must say though, that it takes a little getting used to in order to be appreciated. My first attempts with this were fairly unsuccessful, since I was actually trying to snuff it via the strength of my lungpower. As I am not a vacuum cleaner, I failed. Sometime later, I revisted it and had the idea that I could just shove the pinches in, whith no sniffing involved at all. This worked brilliantly! Then I realised I could get several pinches in at once, then sit back and enjoy a nicotine trip! Doing this once a day made my 25g tin empty very fast! Some like to air the ammonia out of this, or dry it out or grind it down, but I think all of that just takes away from the power of this one. (Ok, to be fair, I do stir it a bit and let a LITTLE of the ammonia go.) The flavor, beyond the ammonia, is very barnyard (some might even say dirty horse stalls), but its really a mild flavor and this one is not for flavor anyway.
Courtesy of Snuff reviews: Xander