Ozona vs Otto Bundle

Ozona vs Otto Bundle

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Let's compare these snuffs. Two from the most popular line of tobacco products and a new up start. The flavors are named the same. We have two cherry and two raspberry.
What we want to know is what do you prefer? We want you to taste test these fruity mentholated snuffs and tells us which ones you prefer and why. We want to know what you think. We are giving you 25% off the regular low price to do it. Don't forget to post a review here
This product contains the following items:
Ozona Raspberry 5g1 x  (POS025) Ozona Raspberry 5g £2.44
Ozona Cherry 5g1 x  (POS023) Ozona Cherry 5g £2.44
Otto Classic CM 10g1 x  (OTT003) Otto Classic CM 10g £2.99
Otto Classic RM 10g1 x  (OTT004) Otto Classic RM 10g £2.99

Cost of separate parts: £10.86

You save £2.71