Samuel Gawith Elmo's Reserve 25g

Samuel Gawith Elmo\'s Reserve 25g

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My nose is itching. I talked with David and he will be getting in the new snuff Elmo's Reserve. This is what I know..... The snuff was made up for, and suggested by a faithful client of SD's. Apparently, Elmo was his faithfull companion dog. When the dog passed the old gentleman was heartbroken. The man was a snuff taker and somehow..........
I had a chance to give it a shot. I love it. It is my desert island snuff. It hints of Tonquin, A dash of vanilla, and a bit of I don't know. It is moist and medium in mill. When I got hold of the tiny bit I did, The nose was strong. I got enough to fill my small pewter box. over night it became the snuff I love. Am I passionate about this snuff, you bet. But then again I am a snuffer, period. David, if you are reading this Hurry please.
Courtesy of Snuff reviews: Elmos