Toque Absinthe Bullet 1g

Toque Absinthe Bullet 1g

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Yet another of the handful of strong scented but still really good snuffs for me. I've never had 'absinthe' so for me this is just like really old-fashioned black licorice the type that was yes, strong, and more bitter and less sweet. It doesn't say "toast' on the label and call me crazy, but I still think there's a toasted tobacco under there, this could have been called "Black Licorice Toast" and it would have suited it very nicely. This is another I thought was going to be just a 'special treat once in a while' snuff but I'm getting it back out and leaving it where I can hammer away at it and might seriously consider getting more/bigger tins of it for my limited 'list' of snuffs I might like to keep a bigger stash of on hand (haven't decided yet) nice zingy licorice taste bite (but like with liking lime for the the lime toast one, here you'd better really like licorice, and it turns out at least here and in this way, I do). this is one of only three strong scented snuffs so far I not only like but really like (all three of them are toques, Lime Toast, Absinthe and Xmas Pudding) this gets a 4.5 or 4.75 stars.
Courtesy of Snuff Reviews: whistlrr