Oliver Twist Black

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Oliver Twist Black is flavoured with Aniseed.

Oliver Twist Royal smells and tastes of licorice, you can notice the aniseed scent before even opening the vaccum sealed pack.
To use Oliver Twist, you place a tobacco pellet in the side of the mouth between cheek and gum. If at any point the tobacco pellet starts to lose it's flavour, gently squeeze the pellet against gum and cheek and the flavour will be re-activated.

Oliver Twist Black is packed in a pocket-sized plastic box. The aniseed flavoured tobacco pellets are vacuum packed in each box in aluminum foil and plastic film. This packaging keeps the tobacco pellets from drying out.
The average sugar content of each tobacco pellet is 0.06 gram. Each pellet is approx 1cm long by 0.5cm in diameter.
Oliver Twist Black is a small discreet method of using tobacco. No one would notice that you have a tobacco pellet in the side of your mouth. It would be perfect for using at work, home or even perhaps on a long haul flight. Each pellet is designed to be used for about an hour.
The average nicotine content of Tropical is 5.7 mg per tobacco pellet, based on an average humidity of 27%. Only a small portion of the nicotine is released during use and when you remove the mini-roll from your mouth, it will still contain nicotine.
To keep the pellets fresh during use, store the opened bag in the box. After the bag has been opened, the mini-rolls dry out relatively quickly if left loose in the box.