Ozona President 7g

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Ozona President Snuff is manufactured by Poschl and described as a refreshing pinch discreetly balanced with flavoursome, eucalyptus oils.
President snuff comes in a bright silver box that is a great 'conversation opener', whenever brought out in front of the un-initiated.
Described as a traditional English snuff, President is an excellent every day snuff and one of our most popular brands.
Slightly course and moist, this snuff leaves a lingering freshness in the nose.

Howdy Dave, who describes himself as a snuff  'deep ender' and consumes around 5g to 7g of snuff per day, says about Ozona President; "after perusing the market and trying snuffs from the USA, UK, Germany, India, South Africa and the Netherlands; I zeroed in on the medicated snuffs. I have almost exclusively used Pöschl Ozona President for about 5 years."
Perfect for both beginners and experts alike, try Ozona President snuff today.

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