Poschl Andechs Spezial 10g

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Andechs Kloster Spezial Snuff

Andechs Kloster Spezial Snuff by Poschl is another new addition to the Snuff Store range for April 2011. We have obtained Kloster Snuff on a special import and Andechs Kloster snuff is considered to be a 'difficult to get hold of' snuff in the UK.

Poschl describe Andechs Kloster Spezial snuff as; 'An original Bavarian recipe, enhanced with the aroma of choice herbs from the convent garden of Kloster Andechs. A Fresh aromatic pleasure in a Bavarian-style.'

Kloster Andechs Snuff is offered in a dark blue plastic box with a sealed dosing hole at the side and it contains 10g of snuff.

Andechs Kloster snuff is medium brown in colour and has a medium to fine grind. It has a medium moisture level and will hold a pinch shape if pinched between forefinger and thumb.

On opening the carton, the scent of herbs and menthol is detectable. The scent has a slightly sweet flavour to it, that carries to the nose.

Andechs Kloster Snuff is really unique, in that it is unlike any other snuff that we have tried. It's a well balanced snuff, with a wonderful flavour that has kept us returning to the box for a pinch since it arrived!

For further information on the relationship between Poschl snuff and the Andechs Monastery, explaining how they came to create such a unique snuff, we suggest that you visit this page here. You may have to translate the page however, as it is written in German. 

Andechs Kloster Spezial Snuff

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