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FC Bayern Snuff

What with FC Bayern Munchen being the premier football team in Baveria; an area with a strong snuff producing and snuff taking history, it is perhaps no surprise that FC Bayern have their own branded Poschl snuff for their fans!

However, one doesn't need to be a fan of FC Bayern Munchen to appreciate that FC Bayern snuff is a superb snuff and well worth trying.

FC Bayern Snuff is somewhat similar to Packards Club and Gawith Apricot in our opinion, it's a fruit flavoured snuff and there's a hint of each in the nose. FC Bayern Snuff is also metholated.

The snuff itself is brown, slight moist and of a medium grind; with the grind being more similar to that of Packards Club.

FC Bayern Snuff is considered a 'difficult to get hold of' snuff as it is not usually available in the UK.

FC Bayern Snuff is suitable for all snuff takers - both beginners and experts alike.

Sold in 10g distinctive red plastic containers, with dosing hole at one end, and logo of FC Bayern on the front of the snuff carton.

FC Bayern Snuff

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