Poschl Gawith Silver (Cola) 10g

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Gawith Cola Snuff

Gawith Cola snuff is now stocked by Snuff Store on special import.

Gawith Cola is a refreshing cola scented snuff with a light menthol. A similar snuff to Gawith Apricot, Gawith Cola is a refreshingly easy to take snuff.

The cola scent is very similar to 'cola bottle' sweets in our opinion. The menthol in Gawith Cola isn't over powering.

Gawith Cola is a brown medium coarse snuff and slightly moist - in that it would retain a pinch shape if squeezed hard between finger and thumb.

Gawith Cola isn't readily available in the UK and is well worth trying as a snuff that is considered 'difficult to get hold of' in the UK.

Gawith Cola is sold in 10g plastic cartons.

Gawith Cola Snuff

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