Poschl Konigsprise 10g Sachet

Königsprise Snuff Poschl Snuff

Königsprise Snuff means Kings Pinch, and it is a beautiful snuff that is very difficult to obtain in the UK. Königsprise Snuff is a very popular snuff in Europe and has a particularly large following in Poland.

Konigsprise Snuff is a finely ground moist snuff and is dark brown in colour. It easily retains a 'pinch' shape when pinched between forefinger and thumb. The scent when opening the packet is camphor menthol, tobacco and ammonia. In the nose Konigsprise Snuff continues with these scents, but becomes more complex - citrus and spicey and there is a certain sweetness about this snuff that is difficult to explain.

On the back of the packet Konigsprise Snuff it states: Tradycyjna, orzeźwiająca tabaka w atrakcyjnej cenie, which basically translates to; A traditional, refreshing snuff at an attractive price.

Konigsprise Snuff is certainly a regal snuff in our opinion and is one that we have been dipping into on a regular basis since it's arrival. It is suitable for both beginners and expert snuff takers alike, but as always with the finer grind of snuff, take small pinches until you find the level that's right for you!

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