Poschl Lowenprise 10g

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Lowen-prise snuff
Lowenprise snuff is another of our favourite Poschl brands of snuff, that is rapidly growing in popularity in the UK.
A rough translation of Lowen Prise is 'Lion Pinch', a name which in our opinion doesn't do this fresh, strikingly aromatic snuff justice. We'll speak to Poschl and find out the history, which may hopefully explain the name.
Lowen prise snuff has a aniseed fresh nose with a hint of menthol. The aniseed flavour isn't as 'over powering' as other brands.
A slightly moist snuff, that is perfect for the beginner and should already be in the seasoned campaigner's repertoire, not too sneezy and leaves a lingering hint of aniseed in the nose - so much so that the aroma is sometimes commented on.
Some snuffers choose Lowenprise as their everyday snuff.

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