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      Sweet Strawberry Chewing Tobacco


This product was added to our catalog on Monday 29 July, 2013.



Item Description

Sweet Strawberry Chewing Tobacco.

Sweet flavoured strawberry tobacco twist, traditionally used by miners / sailors for chewing whilst working in 'nosmoking' environments. The Sweet Strawberry Twist can also be smoked if prefered.

These are available in pre-cut and pre-sealed packs. We have weighed a sample of these pre-sealed Sweet Strawberry Twist chewing tobacco packs - they on average weigh no less than 12g. Image is for illustration purposes only showing a 'full' length of twist.

To use this chewing tobacco twist you will need to cut a managable piece from the length of the twist and then place it in your mouth between cheek and gum. We suggest that small pieces are used intitally until you become used to the strength / flavour.

This is an ideal way of 'discreetly' using tobacco. It would be perfect for the home, office or even on long haul flights.

Try some Sweet Strawberry Chewing Tobacco today.

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