Toque Absinthe Snuff 25g

Absinthe Snuff By Toque.

Absinthe snuff by Toque is a new Toque flavour that has been well received by those in the 'snuff community'. Toque's Absinthe is a excellent 'twist' on the popular aniseed flavoured snuff.

Popular amongst late 19th and early 20th century artists and writers; Absinthe has been credited with being 'behind' some of the greatest works of art and writings from this period. Not without it's shady side, it is also widely believed that as a result of a Absinthe 'bender' Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear.

If you're partial to a tipple of the 'the Green Fairy', or love the taste of aniseed snuffs, then Toque's Absinthe may be the snuff for you - guaranteed not to make you want to cut off your ear!

Offered in 25g round tins with a screw lid - you won't lose any snuff and the tin fits your pocket perfectly.

Try Toque Absinthe Snuff today.

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