Toque Chocolate Snuff 25g Tin

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Chocolate Snuff By Toque.

Chocolate snuff by Toque is a new flavour and has been well received by those in the 'snuff community'; described by Roderick from Toque: "All I can say is, wow! A strong, dark, rich chocolate with a slight tickle/burn and just the subtlest hint of tobacco. If you are a bit of a foodie, god even if your not, you'll love this."

Some people mix chocolate snuff with blueberry, vanilla or toffee to come up with their own DIY 'desert' snuffs.

Offered in 25g round tins with a screw lid - you won't lose any snuff and the tin fits your pocket perfectly.

Chocolate snuff is another 'sweet' offering from Toque and well worth sampling. Try Toque Chocolate Snuff today.

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