White Fox One Paw Light Portions

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White Fox All White Portions

Strength: One Paw


This is the puppy of the pack.
Even so, fox cub is no push-over. At 8mg of nicotine it is close to the contendors so called maximum strength.
Minty with a moderate amount of nicotine that holds it own.
These tobacco-free all white portions are in a league of their own


Strong satisfying nicotine experience in dry slim portion bags. Fast flavor and nicotine release.
These come in slim and discreet form.

  • Form:Portion
  • Type: Non-Tobacco
  • Manufacturer:GN Tobacco
  • Product Type:All White Portion
  • Moisture: Dry
  • Category: Mentholated
  • Nicotine level:8mg/g