Poschl Alpina 10g

Poschl Alpina 10g
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Alpina Snuff by Poschl is another new addition to the Snuff Store range for April 2011. Alpina snuff is considered to be a 'difficult to get hold of' snuff in the UK.

Poschl describe Alpina snuff as having; ‘A unique basic aroma, enhanced with real peppermint, fresh menthol and the aroma of dark, ripe wild fruit from the mountainous forests of Europe. This snuff is a gratifying experience for the connoisseur of snuff.’

Alpina Snuff comes in a dark green angled plastic box, with golden letters on it and has the Poschl emblem top left with the words Seit 1902. The box has a sliding lid on the top, which you slide to reveal the 'dosing hole' and then tap of the desired amount of snuff.

Alpina snuff is brown in colour, it has a medium moist and will just about hold a pinch shape when pressed between forefinger and thumb. Alpina snuff has a medium fine grind.
On first opening Alpina snuff there is a slightly sweet fruity menthol aroma.
Alpina snuff is very easy in the nose and will be suitable for beginners and experts alike. The menthol of Alpina snuff isn't overpowering and after a few moments the sweet fruity aroma of wild berries appears.